Nubia: Coronation Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala

Art by Marguerite Sauvage, Colleen Doran, Darryl Banks, Jill Thompson, and Alitha Martinez

Colors by Marguerite Sauvage, Colleen Doran, Hi-Fi, Jill Thompson, and Alex Guimares

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Nubia’s Coronation Day arrives, and her backstory is finally revealed.

The story opens as Nubia prepares for her coronation by completing a ritual. Afterwards, she reveals a vision and receives a special amulet. Later on, she and Phillipus have a discussion as Nubia prepares for the ceremony. Finally, Nubia is presented before the world as Queen of the Amazons.

Throughout the issue, a series of flashbacks and fast forwards are presented. In the past, Princess Zahavah returns from a hunt and is greeted by her family and tribe. She is then sent into battle in her role as General where she is soon betrayed.

Years ago, in Denver, Nubia is arrested. There she meets an acquaintance of Diana and the two discuss the political and social injustices of the time before she is released. On planet Eireni in the not-so-distant future, Queen Nubia presides over a formal event. Later, she and her fellow Amazons travel through space on their journey home.

The Story: This one-shot comic bridges the gap between Trial of the Amazons and the upcoming Nubia: Queen of the Amazons. I really liked the exploration of Nubia’s previous life as well as the glimpse given in to her more recent past. I found the juxtaposition between her life in what can be assumed as Africa and her experience in the United States well done. Her conversation on racism and sexism was especially poignant. I am a fan of Nubia, and this re-working of history is extremely interesting. I am excited to read more about her adventures in the future.

The Art: The illustration in this piece features a modern design. The detailed artwork and attention to both character and background make for an immersive and emotionally connective experience.

Nubia: Coronation Special #1



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