Nightwing #99

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Bruno Redondo and Geraldo Borges

Inks by Caio Filipe

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Tony Zucco attempts to gain possession of Blockbuster’s wealth, Melinda makes a decision, and Nightwing faces his past.

The story begins in Bludhaven with the mass arrests of members of Blockbuster’s crime organization. Soon Tony Zucco meets with Melinda offering her a deal. She then contacts Dick and the two have a heartfelt discussion. Later Nightwing tracks Tony to a secret location where he interrupts an act of violence. He then confronts Zucco, but is interrupted by members of The Hold, who have their own issues with the criminal. However, Quartermaster intervenes and alerts Nightwing to something surprising. The next day, Melinda makes an announcement before planning the future with her brother. Finally, a deadly villain plots a takeover.

The Story: Taylor does an excellent job with both reconciling the path and setting up the future in this thought-provoking narrative. There is a myriad of world building activity that occurs in this piece with the personal relationship aspect in the forefront. These actions, especially those among relatives will have a lasting impact in the stories to come, especially those between brother and sister. Also, the introduction of a new mystery surrounding the former Boy Wonder is intriguing. Dick Grayson has been afforded many surprises in this run and I wonder how this next revelation will impact both the character and the series.

The Art: This issue uses a rather traditional comic book styling that focuses on realism. The color scheme, though bright, is less bold than previous issues giving the story a darker feel that is align with the current tone. I found that the attention to detail was also very instrumental in creating an emotional connection to the characters and enhanced the overall experience.

Nightwing #99



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