Nightwing #89

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Bruno Redondo

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Nightwing and Superman join forces to hunt down a killer.

Then. After Batman and Nightwing track down someone important, Superman and the Dark Knight have a heart to heart.

Now. Jon Kent has a conversation with his father. He then seeks out Jay and the pair set off to meet an investor. Meanwhile, Dick receives a message from a friend. Later, Dick meets with two masked individuals and discovers something surprising. Afterwards, Nightwing and Superman team up to search for a killer.

The Story: Once again, Tom Taylor delves into the deep relationships among the network of DC Superheroes. He also explores the ties between father and son and close friendships. Superman and Batman are as close as family, so it only makes sense that their “sons” would also become a part of this network. I really enjoyed the flashback of this foursome, especially the heartfelt conversation between fathers. Also, I think Jon and Dick make an excellent team as Nightwing is able to provide much needed advice regarding hero week. I look forward to the continuing adventure of Superman and Nightwing.

The Art: This visually appealing issue is crafted in a modern design style. Bright colors convey a hopeful and energetic tone that is synonymous with both leads. While an emphasis on expression and form provides an emotional connection to the characters.

Nightwing #89



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