Nightwing #84

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Colors by Adriano Lucas

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Nightwing travels to Gotham City and finds himself in a precarious situation.

Nightwing is patrolling the city of Bludhaven when he receives an unusual message from someone important. He travels to Gotham City in search of a dear friend when he finds himself trapped by the Magistrate. Then a violent and deadly confrontation occurs and soon someone unexpected aides Nightwing in a jaw dropping escape. Afterwards, Nightwing meets Oracle in the Clock Tower. Finally, after a discussion of the current events, Oracle makes a surprising decision.

The Story: Tom Taylor continues his epic run on this series with the introduction of the Fear State storyline. In this chapter Nightwing returns to an aptly described dystopian Gotham that only vaguely resembles his previous home. I really appreciate how Taylor focuses on Nightwing’s relationship with his family and the areas he chooses to protect. Although the action is high octane and pleasing, I find the scenes that display Nightwing’s personal interactions absolutely compelling. In fact, one particular conversation brought tears to my eyes. I can’t say enough good things about this series and I look forward to the next issue.

The Art: Robbi Rodriguez joins the team as an artist in this edition. In it, he uses a modern drawing style that is enhanced by the stunning and bold color work of Adriano Lucas. This issue features captivating action sequences that are sure to delight. There is also an attention to detail in character expression and form that will easily illicit an emotional response. Overall, I found this to be a beautifully crafted and visually pleasing issue.

Nightwing #84



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