Star Wars Rebels continues to ramp up the action and adventure in its final season with a new one-hour block of episodes set to air next week on Disney XD.


The Ghost crew has been through a lot recently and its brought them all closer together. In the case of Kanan and Hera, their journey back to Lothal gives them a rare moment alone. In the clip below, the two are able to find a moment of peace amidst the chaos, but that moment won’t last long in “The Occupation”.

In the next episode, Ezra and Sabine have infiltrated an Imperial shipyard in order to secure a new TIE Defender. As their shipmates look on,  Grand Admiral Thrawn appears in order to personally oversee the new fighters. As Thrawn gets closer, Ezra sends a desperate message to Sabine to hurry, but as he looks for a way to stall the approaching Imperials, he sees someone unexpected off in the distance in “Flight of the Defender”.

The next one-hour block of Star Wars Rebels episodes will air on Disney XD and the DisneyNow app Monday October 30th 9pm ET/PT.

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