Newburn #6

Image Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky

Art by Jacob Phillips

Colors by Jacob Phillips

Letters by Jacob Phillips

The Rundown: A cop with a bad habit will put a target on the back of Newburn and his partner.

Sydney is having a bad night at the tables and the dangerous man fronting him is not in the mood to stake him anymore. After waking up the next day and putting on his uniform, Sydney thinks back to another time he felt powerless during his time at the police academy. He remembers both the bully who made his life hell as well as his fellow cadet who was the only one to befriend him.

After finally asserting himself against his bully, Sydney has a run in with him on a night out. A run in that his friend intervenes in. A run in that leads to tragedy. In the present, Sydney overhears a conversation and recognizes the person talking with Newburn. Someone who has a secret that the wrong people might be interested in learning about.

The Story: Zdarsky does a great job of showcasing a new character and giving him an interesting and compelling back story. The story also does a great job of diving into Emily’s past and the two stories complement each other brilliantly. The reader gets more development for Emily and the story takes a more dangerous turn as the character is set up to face the ghosts of her past.

The Art: Phillips delivers some great art in the issue. With the characters being the standout element of the story, Phillips does a great job of highlighting them and their emotions throughout.

Newburn #6



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