New Mutants #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Rod Reis

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: The New Mutants will get a taste of space justice as an old friend takes them on a new adventure.

Roberto is all set to throw his weight and money around with the hiring of a space lawyer to get himself and his friends off the hook with the Shi’ar. Unfortunately, the lawyer proves to be all talk and the team is convicted. Fortunately, they are remanded to the custody of Cannonball and his wife Smasher.


On their way to the Shi’ar homeworld, Smasher gets a message from Gladiator telling her that the New Mutants have been conscripted to pick up and deliver a member of the royal family to train the new ruler. Someone with a dangerous past.

The Story: With everything in the mutant universe being filled with drama, it is gratifying to have Hickman take a lighter tone with this story. The characters are taken from the drama of Krakoa and that allows the reader to rediscover the New Mutants as Hickman plays up their history and personal connections. The dialogue is well done and there are some incredibly funny moments throughout this issue. I like the fact that these characters are staying in space for the time being and that we get to have stories about them and their unique team dynamics.  I am intrigued with the direction the story is going in and I can’t wait to see how these characters play a part in it.

The Art: Rod Reis’ art reflects the lighter tone of the story Hickman is crafting. There isn’t a lot of action to be had and that’s fine. I would like to see the art evolve a little more with the character expressions, but there are some great visual moments in this issue. The final pages are fantastic and everything with Cannonball and the team looks good.

New Mutants #2




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