New Masters #1

Image Comics

Written by Shobo Coker

Art by Shof Coker

The Rundown: A disparate group of individuals with an interest in obsidian are introduced.

The story opens when Ola goes on a diving mission to harvest obsidian with her android Ase. Then a deadly confrontation occurs. Afterwards, she travels to Eko City to sell her goods before returning home. Elsewhere, Persio Reis and his wife strike a deal with Kodjo regarding the sale of a valuable device.

Meanwhile, Governor Tosin Ojumah discovers the area where divers mine for obsidian. Then she receives surprising information from someone close to her. The two then discuss a new product that may change Earth’s future.

The Story: Coker creates an exciting first entry into this series. I am always happy when I get to read works in the Afrofuturism genre, and this chapter does not disappoint. I was impressed with the world building content given and how different communities and classes were represented. With so many interesting elements at play, I am already invested in this story and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

The Art: This beautifully crafted issue does an excellent job of visually representing this tale. A major portion of this story is told solely through the artwork and the locations therein take on their own personality. The detailed drawings and bold coloring not only transportive but emotionally connective.

New Masters #1



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