In the wake of set photos being released of Zachary Levi in costume as Shazam for the upcoming movie, more photos have been released showing the actor suited up as well as a confrontation with Dr. Sivana played by Mark Strong.


The costume looks like it has some definite details in both the trim of the cape and the wrist bands. I still can’t tell from the picture, but it looks like the chest piece and wrist bands are glowing with energy.


Zachary Levi definitely looks like he bulked up to play the part and I like the detailing the more that I see it. The lightning bolts on the belt are cool.


Definitely looks like the chest piece is glowing and the New 52 style cape with hood works for me.


Actor Mark Strong has been brought in to play the villanous Doctor Sivana who wants to steal the powers of Shazam! It looks like this scene illustrates that Sivana might have succeeded.

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