All New Guardians of the Galaxy #12

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Rod Reis

Letters by VC’s Cory Petit

The Guardians of the Galaxy are on Earth continuing their quest for the Infinity Stones. Peter Quill has no luck when dealing with Doctor Doom and Rocket equally comes up empty in his dealings with Black Panther. Gamora is walking through Soul World with Doctor Strange relaying to him the information they have obtained so far. Strange lets her know the dangers of listening to the part of her still trapped in the Soul Stone, but Gamora insists that she knows what she is doing. Drax meets with Cable and gets no information, but as he departs, Cable transforms into Loki. The God of Mischief is concerned with how close the Guardians are getting to the stones and it looks like Cable might be one of the keys needed to get them there. c55fff245af82f6d7823685807bed28a._SX1280_QL80_TTD_

As the team compares notes and gets something to eat, Gamora recalls them to the ship. As they prepare to leave, Rocket finds a stowaway; Deadpool. Upon being discovered, Deadpool decides to lay out why he’s there (he’s trying to escape his actions from Secret Empire) and takes a moment to make a quip about the competition. He’s looking for safe passage off planet and wants to join the Guardians. As Deadpool is dumped out, another stowaway is discovered on board; Scott Lang.


84bf682ffa1eb23bbf6db3bd2c4d3758._SX1280_QL80_TTD_After convincing Gamora not to kill him, he tells them why he needs to leave Earth (long story short, Secret Empire). When they go to pick up Groot (who is hanging out with Man-Thing), the creature reveals that they are not only not the only ones looking for the stones, but they are also not the only group of Guardians looking for the stones across multiple dimension. Apparently, the Infinity Stones have gone missing across every dimension. As the team prepares to leave the planet, the run into another set of problems.

I enjoyed this issue more than I thought I would. It was fun, funny and endearing enough to make me remember why I love these characters. I like the fact that every seems to be trying to stowaway on the Milano and that they chose to let one of them stay. It’s going to be interesting to see how this new character blends with the existing group and how he contributes overall.

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