Black Mirror is one of the most watched series on Netflix and for good reason.

The genre-bending series has explored our society in the wake of advances in technology and held up a mirror to ourselves and how we use that technology to both enhance our lives and separate us from each other. The series has tackled many social and political issues during its run and it is set to return to Netflix next year with new episodes.

One of those episodes is titled U.S.S. Callister and it looks like the episode is a comedic homage to sci-fi television shows like Star Trek and others. The trailer doesn’t reveal a lot about the episode’s plot, but if it’s anything like other episodes, it will contain enough twists and subversive elements to keep fans talking about it. Take a look at the teaser trailer for USS Callister and tell me what you think.

Join Captain Daly and his trusty crew as they explore the galaxy and the dangers of unknown alien planets.

Black Mirror returns to Netflix in 2018.


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