The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling will return for a third season of the critically acclaimed hit series on Netflix.


According to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, the series (which is nominated for 10 Emmy awards) will find the ladies heading to Las Vegas in hopes of continuing their wrestling careers after the events of season 2. Even though the series GLOW is based off of only lasted 100 episodes, the producers of the Netflix series intend to let their show chart its own course.

“The more seasons we go on, the further we go from the original [GLOW], and that’s based on the fact that we created very different characters and now we follow our characters,” series co-creator Carly Mensch told THR.


“I hope we have the number of seasons we dream of having because I think that we can then equally explore all of the women,” co-creator Liz Flahive stated to THR. “With season one, we had the structure of what we needed to accomplish. And I think that is the great freedom of season two and of future seasons; that we can move around more now that you know and love the characters and understand the story of the show and wrestling. We have these 15 amazing women and ideally by the end of the show you will know them all in a deeper way.”

‘GLOW’ Renewed For Season 3 By Netflix

While there is no release date for the third season, both the first and second seasons of the series debuted in the summer. GLOW is nominated for 10 Emmy Awards for its first season including Best Comedy series and Best Supporting Actress for star Betty Gilpin.

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