Nemesis Reloaded #5

Image Comics

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Jorge Jimenez

Colors by Giovanna Niro

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Nemesis begins his final act while preparing for something bigger to come.

In the present, Nemesis confronts the Mayor after strapping him to an atomic bomb and gives him one chance to tell the complete truth about what happened to his family at the hands of the police. In the aftermath of the reveal, the city is left reeling with the knowledge that they can’t trust anyone, especially the people who were supposed to protect them.

In the past, Nemesis goes on his final mission for his leader. One that will bring him face to face with the deadliest foe he’s faced before and will reveal something that will change his world forever.

The Story: Millar brings this story to a beautifully bombastic and satisfying conclusion filled with action, intrigue and a reveal that has me excited for what comes next for both the character and the rest of Millar’s universe of stories. As satisfying as the end of this issue, I don’t want to say more for fear of spoiling something teased at the end of the story, but based on the conclusion of this issue, I am already hooked to discover what comes next.

The Art: Jimenez delivers some beautifully detailed and deliciously brutal art throughout the issue. There are two competing stories in this finale and both are brilliantly done and visually stunning.

Nemesis Reloaded #5



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