Starz is committed to bringing another season of American Gods to the screen and they are looking to a new showrunner to help them do it.

Neil Gaiman in New York.

Bryan Fuller has left American Gods after being the showrunner for the first season and Starz has decided to bring in Neil Gaiman to run the show in its second season. What makes this change so significant is the fact that Neil Gaiman is the author of the original novel American Gods is based on. It should be a uniquely interesting challenge to see how the creator of this world and these characters brings his vision to life for the next season.


Gaiman is staying pretty busy in the entertainment world with his turn as showrunner on another adaptation of his work. Amazon and the BBC are bringing Good Omens, an adaptation of the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, to the screen as a miniseries starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant.

No date for season 2 of American Gods has been announced, but the network is still committed to the series itself.

[Update] Neil Gaiman has denied the multiple reports of him taking over as showrunner, but Starz maintains that the author will be taking a more “active” role in the production of the second season.


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