NAOMI_Cv6Naomi #6

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F Walker

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: Naomi has disappeared and all of the people in her life who have been keeping secrets from her gather to find a way to bring the girl back.

Naomi’s parents and Dee descend on the girl’s last known location when they realize that she is gone and everyone starts brainstorming what to do next. Do they contact their homeworlds of Rann and Thanagar? Do they try to contact Adam Strange? All of their options are explored as Naomi’s parents have to come to grips with the fact that, for all the secrets they kept from her, they are now the ones in the dark.


Naomi herself has followed Zumbado back to her home planet and witnesses first hand the devastation the creature created and the conditions the survivors are forced to live in. When she finally gets some of the answers she’s been seeking, she decides to leave the creature with a message he won’t soon forget.

The Story: All of the characters shine in this issue, but Naomi definitely shines the brightest thanks to the writing of Brian Michael Bendis and David F Walker. This origin story for the character has taken some huge turns throughout the series and Bendis and Walker manage to bring it home in this issue with a conclusion that establishes the stakes for Naomi going forward as well as begin her hero quest. The story was thrilling, moving and told in a way that was exhilarating as well as engaging and fun.

The Art: Jamal Campbell’s beautiful art is showcased perfectly in this issue. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds looks amazing and the highlight is seeing the aftermath and devastation of Naomi’s homeworld. Campbell also makes Zumbado a physically imposing and scary creature to behold. Great art.

Naomi #6




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