Multiple Man #5

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Andy MacDonald

Colors by Tamara Bonvillain

Letters by Travis Lanham

An army of dupes descends on the X-Mansion to find Madrox Prime aka the emperor aka the Madrox who went forward in time to stop the emperor aka the Madrox who after killing the Madrox who came from the past to stop him then becomes the Madrox who goes to the past to raise an army to stop himself. When his army prepares to take on the X-Men, Bishop puts a plan into motion that has some devastating consequences.

After gathering his team and heading back to the future to stop himself, Madrox and his team find a devastated landscape and return to the past just in time to find the dupes at war with the X-Men. When his Lieutenant emerges with a way to become the prime himself, all hell breaks loose and what follows is a level of ridiculousness that marks the perfect conclusion to this insane story.

Rosenberg goes all out to deliver a satisfying and maddening conclusion to a story that took an insane amount of twists and turns to deliver something fun, new and unexpected. If there is anything that I can appreciate more about this entire storyline, including the finale is that it looks like everything was left on the field at the end of it. It is definitely a new style and type of story that does a great job of incorporating humor into what could have been a standard dystopian mutant future story.

MacDonald’s art style is exactly what this type of story needed to make it work. The art’s tone helps to both visually dazzle the reader as well as deliver some amazing action, drama and humor.

Multiple Man #5




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