Multiple Man #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Andy MacDonald

Colors by Tamra Bonvillain

Letters by Travis Lanham

To say that Makie Madrox has a plan for anything is to stretch the definition of the word “plan” to Mr. Fantastic proportions. Jamie Madrox has part of a plan and is making up the rest on the way. Something that is obvious to everyone around him, including the X-Men. After future versions of himself with powers of Hulk, Doctor Strange, Deadpool and others crash the mansion, Jamie finds himself trying to explain why he needed to steal Bishop’s time device. It’s a funny exchange that reiterates everything bad about Jamie Madrox as a character.

Madrox and company find themselves in a dystopian future where the Emperor is a duplicate of Jamie himself and he rules with an iron fist. After finding a member of a flailing resistance group and the former X-Man helping them, Jamie has to come up with another plan to stop his future evil self from taking over the world and that plan consists of more time travel, more duplicates and a convoluted scheme that is going to get someone killed.

Rosenberg really leans into all of the unlikable traits of Madrox in this issue and in doing so, finds a way to make him likeable. Jamie isn’t particularly bright and his plan is insane, but his determination to try and do the right thing is admirable to an extent. I like the cameos in this issue as well, especially the one that is directly linked to the real Madrox. It’s interesting to see characters interact with the duplicate in this issue and how they tend to project their own wants and fears onto him. Makes for some interesting and fun drama.

Any MacDonald’s art does a great job of complementing the tone of the story. There are moments where the art is reflective of the light tone of the narrative, but there are also contrasting moments where the artist uses shadow and composition to convey the dark, depressing nature of the future environment. A good read that makes me want to know what’s next.

Multiple Man #2




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