Mother of Madness #3

Image Comics

Written by Emilia Clarke and Marguerite Bennett

Art by Leila Leiz and Leila Del Duca

Colors by Triona Farrell

Letters by Haley Rose-Lyon

The Rundown: Maya springs into action when the villain behind everything takes what’s most important to her.

After going with his biological father, Billy finds himself in the office of the woman who his mother is trying to stop. A woman who will do anything to maintain the power that she has, Lucille Caldwell. Meanwhile, Maya has made her way to Caldwell’s home and discovered something sinister growing beneath her feet. When she discovers that Billy is missing, she finds herself unable to rescue him after getting captured herself.

When Maya wakes up, she finds Lucille waiting for her along with Billy. After revealing her plans to Maya, she tells her the truth of her connection to the research Maya’s parents were conducting. The research that gave Maya her powers and how Lucille plans on using them. After taking a sample of Maya’s blood, Lucille attempts to give herself powers with devastating effects. When she attempts to go after both Maya and Billy again, M.O.M will discover both her own power and the power of her village.

The Story: Clarke and Bennett bring this story to an exciting, fun and thrilling conclusion. The story is engaging and engrossing to the reader and the characters are interesting, dynamic and fun. The dialogue is great and the plot has some great, goofy moments that both entertain and amuse. The issue tells a great story and is intriguing enough both in its premise and execution to leave the reader wanting more adventures with these characters.

The Art: Leiz and Del Duca deliver some great art in the issue. The action is visually thrilling and there are some great details throughout every page including some fun visual Easter eggs that made me smile.

Mother of Madness #3



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