We’ve already been introduced to the adult members of the Loser’s Club and now we get to see who is rounding out the rest of the cast for the second part of director Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the Stephen King classic.

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Xavier Dolan has been cast as Adrian Mellon. In the original novel, the homophobic attack on Adrian and his boyfriend is the attack that brings back Pennywise. When Adrian is thrown over the Kissing Bridge into the Barrens, Pennywise attacks. The attack showcases the violence that precedes and ends every cycle of the clown’s appearance as well as the lengths the town of Derry will go to cover it up. Dolan’s previous work includes the films Tom At the Farm and the upcoming Boy Erased.


Will Beinbrink joins the cast as Tom Rogan. Tom is Beverly Marsh’s husband in the novel. He is also her ┬ápartner in her successful fashion design business. Like Beverly’s father, he is physically abusive to Beverly, giving her regular “whuppins” to keep her afraid and in line. When Beverly finally fights back and leaves, Tom decides to travel to Derry to take care of her for good. Beinbrink can be seen in the Netflix series Queen of the South as well as the upcoming movie A Place to Stay.


Jessica Weixler will play Audra Phillips in the film. Audra is a famous actress and is married to Bill Denborough. She is devoted to her husband and is afraid for him when she finally starts to learn about the secrets of his youth, especially how his brother George dies. Weixler is known for her roles in the movie Teeth as well as series like The Good Wife and The Son.


Teach Grant joins the cast as the adult Henry Bowers. In the book Henry was committed to Juniper Hills hospital after confessing to murdering all of the kids during that summer and is freed by Pennywise to help him kill the Loser’s as adults. In the first film, Henry fell down a well and was presumed dead. It looks like he survives to menace the now adult Loser’s Club in the new film. Grant is known for his roles in series like Damnation, Altered Carbon and Van Helsing.

IT Chapter 2 is scheduled to be released September 6, 2019

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