Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman, Murewa Ayodele and Marc Guggenheim

Art by Chris Bachalo, Dotun Akande and Jorge Fornes

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Three stories examine the past, present and future of the fist of Khonshu.

Anubis Rex

Moon Knight and his partner travel the dark skies of a dying universe searching for a signal. When he discovers it, he and his partner make their way to a nearby planet infested with the servants of Ra and the scarab that powers them. A scarab Moon Knight will need to take in order to stop their evil from spreading.

Hickman brings a brutal and matter of fact tone to this story that goes straight for the conflict and action while still managing to have some fun with the interpersonal relationships. Bachalo delivers some beautifully detailed art.

So White. Yet, So Dark.

Moon Knight is on patrol and is interrupted by Spider-Man who needs a favor. One only Moon Knight can fulfill. Spidey decides to join Moon Knight on a mission to stop a smuggler who has a dangerous Egyptian artifact with the power to control spirits. They also have to contend with a dangerous mech while Moon Knight has to deal with Peter’s incessant questions.

A thoroughly fun and imaginative short that has its tongue firmly in cheek. It is exciting and entertaining with a great twist ending. The art is visually thrilling and moves the story along beautifully.

The End

A woman in protective custody goes to the Midnight Mission to enlist the help of Moon Knight in order to safely get to court to testify against a mafia boss. Their journey gets more dangerous when her former boss calls in some super powered assassins to make sure she never makes it to the courthouse. A challenge Moon Knight will accept even if it costs him everything.

A fun, exciting and thrilling adventure that has an interesting hook that makes it more engaging and intriguing to the reader.

Moon Knight: Black, White # Blood #1



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