Monsters are My Business #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Patrick Piazzalunga

Colors by Marco Brakko

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: A mercenary in an unforgiving town is offered an assignment in the heart of darkness.

A small band of mercenaries operate on the outskirts after a dark power unleashed horrors on the world. Griz and his team take down a monster that has been plaguing a local town and return to their business to collect their reward when a government agent arrives to offer Griz a job. A job that will take him and his partner Cuddles back into the worst part of the country.

After tracking down where a failed extraction team was lost, Griz fights his way inside only to find that what they were looking for is weirder than he possibly imagined.

The Story: Bunn creates an entertaining and interesting world in this first issue. The story has a fun energy and characters that are both entertaining and compelling in their complexity. I like the dark, comedic energy of the story and look forward to seeing where Bunn takes it and the characters next.

The Art: Piazzalunga delivers stunning art throughout the issue. I love the character designs and the visual style of this world a lot.

Monsters are My Business #1



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