The upcoming sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, is now in the casting process and one of the stars of the upcoming Mission: Impossible Fallout is in negotiations to take on a lead role.

'The Snowman' press conference, Los Angeles, USA - 06 Oct 2017

In an exclusive, Variety is reporting that actress Rebecca Ferguson is in negotiations to take a lead role in Doctor Sleep opposite Ewan McGregor as the adult Danny Torrance. Ferguson had a breakout role in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation as former MI6 agent Ilsa Faust. She was next seen in the successful musical The Greatest Showman and will be reprising her role as Ilsa in Mission: Impossible Fallout.


It’s not known at this point who Ferguson will be playing in the film, but there are two possibilities and one that is more likely than the other. Of the leads in the story, Ferguson could either be playing the mother of budding psychic Abra or (and this is more likely) she will be playing the charismatic, evil leader of the wandering True Knot known as Rose the Hat.

In the novel, Rose the Hat is of indiscernible age, but she always looks young and is the leader of her group of nomadic killers. She leads them across the country looking for people who have gifts that they can siphon off and feed on and in the novel, young Abra Stone is a meal that they cannot resist. Based on Ferguson’s previous roles and her rising prominence in the industry, Rose the Hat seems like the role that she would gravitate towards.

Doctor Sleep is being directed by Mike Flanagan who previously directed the Netflix adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game.

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