Minor Threats #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum

Art by Scott Hepburn

Colors by Ian Herring

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: The Minor Threats have walked into a trap and discover they’ve been betrayed by one of their own.

After locating the Stickman, the group is quickly captured and told that they are going to send a message to the Insomniac. A message that will bring them to his secret base with explosives and no chance of escape. When the group decides to improvise, Stickman arrives and reveals that one of them is a traitor. A traitor who finally reveals himself as Stickman tries to kill the group himself.

When Playtime finally rallies her team to fight back, not all of them make it out alive and when one of them has a final confrontation with the Stickman, Playtime and the rest of the Minor Threats find themselves dealing with the Insomniac himself who wants more than just revenge.

The Story: Oswalt and Blum bring this story to a fantastically thrilling finale filled with great action, intrigue, humor and brutality. Every element of the story comes together brilliantly and takes the reader on a fun ride filled with great twists right up to the final moments. I love the world of these characters and would love to see them revisited at some point.

The Art: Hepburn beautifully brings the world of these characters to life with art that captures the thrills of the story and elevates them.

Minor Threats #4



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