Milestones in History #1

DC Comics

Written by Reginald Hudlin, Alice Randall, Amy Chu, Steve Barnes, Tananarive Due, Pat Charles, Karyn Parsons, Toure, Melody Cooper

Art by Jahnoy Lindsay, Eric Battle, Maria Laura Sanapo, Ron Wilson, Don Hudson, Jamal Yaseem Igle, Arvell Jones, Francesco Francavilla, Ray-Anthony Height, Dominike “Domo” Stanton

Inks by Mike Gustovich, Jose Marzan Jr

Colors by Eva De La Cruz, Michael Atiyeh, Andrew Dalhouse, Chris Sotomayor, Hi-Fi, Dan Brown, Emilio Lopez

Letters by Andworld Design, Carlos M. Mangual, Josh Reed, Steve Wands

The Rundown: The heroes of the Milestone universe take the reader through the history and importance of African achievement.

Africa – Mother of the World

Rocket showcases the evolution of humanity from its beginnings in Africa and how every race can be linked back to the earliest form of homonids to who and what we are now.

An interesting short that gives context to historical and anthropological data with a global message and some great, dramatic art.

The Many Queens of Sheba

Virgil and Raquel are teamed up for a group assignment tracing the history of the Queen of Sheba and learn some valuable lessons about the power of storytelling and interpretation.

I really love the message of this story and how it emphasizes how different cultures have different interpretations of events. Especially how one set of events can be dramatically altered to suit one’s needs.

You Will Follow a Great Man

Roman historians travel to North Africa to hear the story of a man who marched with Hannibal across the Alps. The man tells them of his time with the great leader and how he was in awe of the power, majesty and brilliance of the leader as well as humbled by the reality of war.

A great story that emphasizes the importance of story and how honesty in its telling can be more compelling than exaggeration.

The Brilliant Black Russians: Pushkin and his Family of Genius

Icon and Rocket are in Russia where Raquel learns about the exploits of Russian General Abram Petrovitch Hannibal and his great grandson Alexander Pushkin. A story of tragedy and triumph with an emphasis on the origins of math and science that came from Africa. The story also highlights the contributions the man made to the country while never forgetting where he came from.

A wonderful story that highlights the importance of perseverance in the face of struggle while also showing that genius can come from anywhere and do anything.

The Dumas Legacy

A young man pays a visit to legendary writer Alexandre Dumas and learns the history of the writer’s family and how his father’s legacy made its way into his most famous stories.

A wonderful short story that highlights the contributions of Africans to all aspects of life in Europe and around the world.


Eugene Bullard lived a life many can only dream about. After leaving the segregated south and hopping a ship overseas, Eugene goes from being a champion boxer to a pilot to a soldier, nightclub owner, husband and spy for the French Resistance.

A wonderful story that highlights another unknown hero in history whose accomplishments weren’t recognized because of the color of his skin.

Spirit Step

A woman travels to Haiti to learn the secrets of dance and discovers the power of Damballa.

A wonderful short that highlights the culture of the region with haunting, dark and powerful art.


The rise of Prince is featured in this short which goes back to the history of the legend and the controversies of his life that fueled his music and his determination.

The short was a nice look back at the singer and his life, but it didn’t really say much beyond the man’s determination. The art was great.

Sky’s The Limit

Two pioneers are featured in this story that parallels the inspiring stories of Bessie Coleman and Mae Jemison. Two women who took to the skies when women, especially black women, were not considered worthy of the challenge.

A great, inspiring story that highlights history and how it continues to be made.

Milestones in History #1



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