Miles Morales: Spider-Man #29

Marvel Comics

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Chris Allen

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Miles finds himself taking some huge steps forward as things in his life change.

Miles continues to write in his journal, but he finds his latest assignment at school to be more difficult than he thought. As he gets ready to return to school, he is worried about his family in the aftermath of the attack on them by his clones. He is also worried for the one clone that helped him and disappeared. After being reassured, Miles returns to school and finds himself back in the swing of things.

When Shift returns, Miles leans on his friend Genke to help him look for a way to help the clone. They discover something interesting about their last encounter with him and Miles decides its time to move forward and that moving forward will include a new look.

The Story: Ahmed crafts a story that is Miles centric in a good way. He’s dealing with the aftermath of attacks on his family as well as issues in his personal life. While all the things that happened in the previous arc are difficult, Ahmed finds a way to make Miles more interesting as a character in how he deals with them. The dialogue is great and the internal dialogue gives great context to the character and his struggles.

The Art: Chris Allen does great work with the art in this issue. There are some great character moments throughout and each page is filled with great details.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #29



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