Miasma Caves

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Reviewed on ROG laptop with i7 964m GeForce GTX with 32 gbs of RAM.

Closeup near poison

I didn’t really know what to think of this game when I started. I had 0 expectations going in and I’m glad I did. The title screen has a pleasant visual and I really enjoyed the music in the game. I hit the start button and picked my new safe slot and was greeted with the main character the UI and the character was stuck outside the geometry of the world.

So I restarted the computer and tried again and had the same issues so I reinstalled the game and was able to get started. This is pretty typical of my experience with the game, it showed great bones but needs way more polish to justify its rather steep price on steam.

Crystal Cave

You play as a dragonperson called Lestath and her little dragon who dives into caves. This is the real meat of the game where you can go from third person to 1st person to dig and get a better look at your surroundings. The caves are full of … you guessed it… miasma! AND TREASURE! Your health slowly drops while you’re in the cave and it bring a fun time management system into the game I actually enjoyed. You can equip items and clothes to help traverse the caves and sell what you find to upgrade the village and hat with the locals.

Falling Rock

Graphics are PS2 quality and the inside of the caves all look sort of the same. Character designs are well done.

The music in this game is where it’s add whoever did the soundtrack should be proud.

All in all I can see what the developer was trying to do but their vision is bogged down by crashes and bugs.

Excuse me I’m going to see if I can find the soundtrack.

Miasma Caves




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