Wartales, a medieval open-world tactical RPG following a mercenary Warband from Evoland and Northgard developer Shiro Games, receives new training centers, quest logs, inventory sorting systems, and more in an Early Access update today celebrating a milestone of 100,000 units sold.

Optimize companions with a highly requested addition of reworked training centers empowering sellswords to hone new abilities and reprioritize specialized skills.

Once trained, stay on track using an updated quest log. Organize and visualize missions more accurately to keep soldiers of fortune’s pockets and bellies full.

Control the pace of the journey with locked-in regional difficulty levels as an alternative to traditional growth progression with “No Scaling Mode.”

Navigate inventory with ease employing revamped sorting options based on selling price, weight, or object type along with various other bug fixes.

Journey through expansive and dangerous lands littered with taverns, farms, and duchies full of ruthless hardened warriors to fight in tactical, turn-based battles. Wartales’ latest Early Access update is available now on Windows PC via Steam for free to all players. New recruits can join the fray on Steam for $34.99 USD.

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