Mech Cadet Yu issue number 5

Boom! Studios

Written by Greg Pak

Drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa

Colors by Triona Farrell 

Lettered by Simon Bowland with special guest Raul Angulo coloring the cover

Today I get to review a new comic from BOOM! STUDIOS

Issue number 5 of Mech Cadet Yu is my first taste of the mech series by Boom! Studios and I have to say its pretty interesting. It deals with a group of children who ride in giant sentient mechs! I mean what not to love? In this issue the main character, Standford Yu and his friends get their right to fly taken away from them due to the main character bonding with the first human-made mech and fighting the giant alien main antagonists crabs, called the Sharg, against orders.

This sets the crew on a fun romp with Yu’s mother, Dolly, as they are punished by having to do janitorial work. This showcases a really fun sequence with the mechs and humans cleaning up the debris from their fight and noticing there are Sharg Eggs ALL over the place. After this (Probably my favorite human part of this issue) the kids meet out after dark to discuss what happened and get nerf gun ganked by their captain as he tries to teach them that in war fighting can happen anywhere and at anytime. It ends on a shocking moment when the Sharg Eggs start to hatch! What is going to happen to our heroes who aren’t near their mechs?

I enjoyed the art style in this issue. The character faces are very expressive and the crabs and quite scary, The story seems rather par for the course but the writing sets it apart with snappy dialogue and character interaction.
I’m looking forward to finding back issues to flesh out the story.

Images courtesy of Comixology

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