Masters of The Universe: Revelation #4

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Mindy Lee

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Skeletor and Evil-Lyn make a discovery. Teela begins to question the motivations of her friends.

Skeletor is interrupted from his meditation by the arrival of He-Man and Teela. As a confrontation begins, the Sorceress and Man-At-Arms watch from afar. Skeletor then explains his connection with the Orlax. Afterwards, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn escape to a secret location, and Skeletor reveals something surprising.

Meanwhile, at Castle Greyskull, Teela begins to have suspicions regarding He-Man and the Sorceress. She then questions her closest friends regarding their many secrets. Suddenly something unexpected occurs. The queen then discloses her actions while attempting to dissuade Teela from her concerns. Later, the Sorceress performs a procedure on Teela. Finally, unusual secrets are revealed to Skeletor and Evil-Lyn.

The Story: Although, this issue leads directly into the series, the finale of this series chooses to focused primarily on Teela, instead of the actions precluding the Netflix television show. I feel this was a brilliant choice, as it directly speaks to Teela’s later actions in said medium. I found myself captivated by her emotional journey. She is a woman that is surrounded by people she considers friends and family. Yet those same people are continually disingenuous at her expense. It’s heartbreaking watching her question the world around her while those with the answers mislead her at every opportunity. Although I am sad to see this series end, I felt it wrapped up well. Readers who are interested, can continue the story on Netflix with “Masters of The Universe: Revelation: Part 1.”

The Art: This good looking issue is filled with bright colors and designed in a youthful style. The attention to detail captivates the eye and emotionally engages the reader. I feel the tone and action of the story was perfectly captured by the illustration.

Masters of The Universe: Revelation #4



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