Masterpiece #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Alex Maleev

Colors by Ian Herring

Letters by Joshua Reed

The Rundown: Emma receives another strange visitor and decides to pay her new enemy a visit.

In order to find a way to get herself out from under the thumb of a crazed billionaire who has a grudge against her missing parents, Emma will get her own crew together to come up with a plan to get her out from under. After securing the help of a friend with extensive knowledge and questionable morality, the crew meets to discuss their next steps.

After receiving a visit from a potential target who flexes her ability to know more than she lets on, Emma gets another clue to her parents past. A clue that will bring her back to the beginning and another confrontation with the crazed and powerful Zero Preston.

The Story: Bendis continues to craft a slick, engaging mystery in this series and this issue does a great job of expanding on that mystery with its characters in interesting ways. Emma is a compelling and complicated character and the pieces of the puzzle she is making with her past are equally compelling.

The Art: Maleev masterfully creates atmosphere and tension with the beautifully detailed and visually engaging art.

Masterpiece #3



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