Marvel’s Luke Cage


Season 2 Episode 3

Wig Out

After the events of the last episode, Luke is out of his element. Cockroach is unconscious and Luke calls in Claire to see if she can revive him long enough to get some information about Mariah and Shades. Luke’s desperation is evident in this scene and I like the fact that Claire is the one to bring him back to his senses by calling an ambulance. This prompts Misty Knight to show up as well to talk to the hero.


Misty’s talk with Luke doesn’t go the way she thought and that’s a shame. She’s right and the fact that Luke is so full of himself so far this season means that he is heading towards a pretty dramatic fall, sooner rather than later.

Mariah’s complicated relationship with her daughter takes center stage in a scene that is tense for both parties and makes for some good drama. Especially when Shades shows up and gets treated by Mariah. It’s another really tense scene that puts Shades in an interesting position considering how long he worked to get close to Mariah the way he has.


Shades’ first meeting with Bushmaster is tense as well. That’s one of the prevailing themes of this episode. Everything seems tense for everyone and the sense that you don’t know what’s about to happen, but it’s going to be something big permeates each scene. That’s why having Colleen Wing show up to give Misty some much-needed help works in juxtaposition to Luke’s journey. I love the contrasts between these two characters and it plays out well when they’re together and when they are on their separate journeys.


As a highlight of this episode, we get our Daughters of the Dragon in action and Bushmaster makes his first move against Luke. A move that comes on the heels of something heartbreaking and it is devastating to watch, but might be what Luke needs to focus him. If he survives.


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