Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Season 2 Episode 4

It’s getting hotter in New York and Jessica Jones finds herself in a basement having to listen to the stories of people who share an eerily similar relationship to anger that she does. Confronted with having to share her experience, things get real for everyone in the room including Jessica herself.


She and everyone around her is on edge and that feeling seems to be permeating throughout the city. Trish and Griffin are dealing with the aftermath of Jessica’s attempt to keep her safe as paparazzi descend on her building but a call from Jessica leads the two of them to a pretty significant clue about the mystery woman from the last episode.

Cheng returns to confront Jeri in her office about his beef with Jessica and Jeri tries to put him in his place about who he’s dealing with and how he was beaten. He senses something different about the attorney and proceeds to tell her that he’s escalating the war with Alias Investigations with or without her help. Jessica and Trish take another journey into Trish’s past to get clues related to the new threat facing Jessica.

The information they get leads the pair back to another person from Trish’s days as an actress and Cheng confronts Malcolm with a tempting offer. Later, Oscar comes by with a peace-offering because of what Jessica did for his son and the two of them have an awkward physical encounter that thankfully ends abruptly. I still find Oscar boring as a character and his presence has yet to add anything interesting to the season so far.


Jessica and Trish get a lead on their mystery killer and they go after her as someone breaks into Alias Investigations and gets more than he bargained for.

The mystery deepens in this episode and the tension is continuing to grow. There was some great pacing in this episode culminating in some pretty intense moments involving Jessica and Trish. Moss plays Jeri Hogarth perfectly in this episode with scenes that are filled with both drama and desperation. Her arc is definitely an interesting one this season and it should be as interesting to see where it goes. While the main cast in the episode shined in their scenes, the supporting cast was a little weak, especially characters like Cheng and Oscar. Other than being personal problems for Jessica, neither one really did much in this episode other than fill up time.


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