Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Season 2 Episode 3

In the aftermath of the events of the last episode, Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and Trish (Rachael Taylor) are put in the awkward position of having to dispose of evidence that could land the detective in jail. Evidence that also ties up a loose thread and character arc from the first season involving another Marvel character.


Meanwhile Jeri (Carrie-Ann Moss) is dealing with both a professional and personal crisis as her business partners conspire against her because of information that they’ve discovered. This prompts another familiar face to walk back into the picture to offer help. An offer that is rejected, further isolating her from those around her.

Jessica continues to work through some of her issues in order to try to find some answers. This leads to a dream sequence that expands on the memories that she’s trying to jog. Malcolm (Eka Darville) discovers some information about the new building super. Information Jessica needs in order to try and save her business and she sends Malcolm to see someone who can make that decision.


Jessica finds her way back to the facility where she found some of the first clues and finds a name that she can track down. After finding some ominous evidence, Trish decides to enlist the help of a fan to help move her investigation forward as Jessica looks for clues from the Super’s apartment and runs into his superhero obsessed son. This causes another uncomfortable interaction between the two that would work better if the character of the super were interesting, but he’s not. He seems to serve only as a potential love interest for Jessica or a foil for her. I keep waiting for something to happen with him, but he’s been disappointing so far.

Trish decides to do something desperate to lure out a mysterious doctor who might have some answers and when Jessica decides to intercept, they all get more than they bargained for.


It’s an interesting contrast between the deeply psychological threat in the first season versus the all too real physical threat Jessica faces in this one and it gives the episode heft to see Jessica wade into unfamiliar waters. There is a definite fear in Jessica at the end of this episode and the last one and how she explores that fear makes for some good drama. The pacing in this episode is improved over the first two and the plot is moved through action and information with the exposition being left for the moments when it’s needed.

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