Marvel's Inhumans Completes Its Cast

ABC and Marvel have completed the cast list for the Inhumans series set to debut this fall. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, we have our final cast list for the ABC series set to debut in a limited Imax run in September before beginning its run on the network. After the steady stream of casting reveals that we have reported on this week, the fact that the final cast list has been revealed means that production on the series should begin very soon. Here’s who we have rounding out the rest of the cast.

Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon


Gorgon is another member of the Inhuman royal family and the cousin of Black Bolt. Besides his enhanced strength and durability, he also has the power to create seismic shockwaves through his legs by pounding onto any surface. Eme Ikwuakor recently starred in the CBS series Extant and the movie Concussion.


Isabelle Cornish as Crystal


Crystal is Medusa’s younger sister and has the ability of flight as well as the manipulation of the elements. Isabelle Cornish starred on the Australian series Home and Away and Puberty Blues.


Mike Moh as Triton


Triton is Karnak’s brother and cousin to Black Bolt. Triton has superhuman strength, speed, agility and the ability to live and breathe underwater. Mike Moh recently starred as Ryu in the TV mini-series Street Fighter: Resurrection as well as a featured role on the Fox series Empire.


Sonya Balmores as Auran


Auran is the head of the Royal Guard of Attilan and fiercely loyal to the royal family. She is a highly skilled investigator and has the ability to use her enhanced parabolic hearing to pinpoint anyone’s location merely from hearing the person’s name spoken on Earth. Sonya Balmores recently starred in the film Soul Surfer and a guest appearance on the TV series NCIS.


Ellen Woglom as ???


This is the one character that hasn’t been defined yet. From the description of her character, she might serve as the person who introduces the audience to the world of the Inhumans. According to the description she plays a  smart, intense and focused person — so focused that oftentimes social skills take a back seat. Her job at a private aerospace company is her life, second only to her passion for all things space and lunar. She’s primed to be swept up in an adventure. Ellen Woglom recently appeared on the series Californication and has guest appearances on the Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Castle.

One of the best bits of news about this is the confirmation from the showrunner Scott Buck that the lovable teleporting canine Lockjaw would be on the show as well, which is exciting.


When asked about the cast, Buck stated; “With Eme, Isabelle, Mike, Sonya and Ellen portraying the rest of our leading roles, we have a strong cast that is going to add tremendous depth to our Royal Family,” Buck said.

The remaining cast joins Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as Medusa, Ken Leung as Karnak and Iwan Rheon as Maximus.

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