Marvel Voices Heritage #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jim Terry, Nyla Innuksuk, Steven Paul Judd and Rebecca Roanhorse

Art by Jim Terry, Natasha Donovan, David Cutler and Shaun Beyale

Inks by Jose Marzan Jr and Belardino Brabo

Colors by Brittany Peer, Rachelle Rosenberg, Paris Alleyne and Morry Hollowell

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Four stories showcase the indigenous heroes of the Marvel Universe.

The Unexpected

An unknown mechanized terror springs forth from the ground beneath a reservation and as the citizens run for their lives, they find themselves being protected by a team of heroes that include Forge, Mirage, Risque, Greycrow and Warpath.

What I like the most about this story is its simplicity (heroes vs villain) draws you in like any other comic book adventure, but its visuals both in representation and style allow the reader to connect on several levels. It’s a short story that says a lot both narratively and visually.

Snowguard: The Tuungait’s Song

When an ancient evil returns to a village, Amka returns to try to help. One of the elders has an idea that might permanently protect the village, the Tuurngait. In order to utilize the power of the Tuurngait, Amka will have to take a journey to use her shamanistic power to call on the protectors her ancestors turned to.

I really enjoyed the tone of this story. I love learning folklore I’ve never been taught before and this story made me want to learn more about the Tuurngait legends. I love that Amka has to take a different path then just being the sole protector and the art style of the story has a beautiful storybook style.

American Eagle: Not Dead Yet

American Eagle finds himself dealing with a world that is moving on without him and powers he can longer tap into. After being moved out of Avengers Mountain, he hits the con circuit to make a living. After getting his check, he heads to the bank and finds himself in a situation where he has to determine whether he’s done being a hero or if he still has it in him.

I love the tone of this story. It’s a great commentary on aging, purpose and finding out who you really are when the chips are down. The story is filled with great humor and I love how it culminates into a great ending. The art is also beautifully done and I love how well it melds with the style of the story.

River: A Friend in Need

A young River finds himself dealing with alienation from everyone as his gift continues to develop. A gift that allows him to see the dead when he touches people. After returning home from a fight, River calls on a dark friend who understands both what he is and what he truly wants. A dark friend who decides that he will protect River in a way that the young man instantly regrets the next day.

I like the fact that this story delves deeper into River’s past and his connection with the creature that has been the only constant in his life since the death of his parents. The story shows the beginning of the cracks in their connection, but it also continues to keep the character’s true allegiance vague, which works.

Marvel Voices Heritage #1



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