Marvel Studios Releases First Look Video of Avengers: Infinity War

If there is one thing that Marvel Studios has mastered above anything else is the ability to build and maintain excitement for their next film. Today was no different.


In anticipation of the start of production for Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel Studios released a video not only celebrating the Cinematic Universe they’ve created but also a glimpse at the direction that Kevin Feige and company are taking the story they began with the original Iron Man film back in 2008. We get a glimpse of what looks like an alien planet inhabited in the scene by Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Star Lord (Chris Pratt). There’s even a glimpse of the script, which looks huge.


Kevin Feige goes on to tell how Captain America: Civil War was developed to fracture the heroes in a way that makes the Earth vulnerable. He talks about the threat of Thanos and how volatile these heroes will be when they finally get together.

While the video has no new footage, it does serve as a tip of the hat to the fans to let them know that they are all ready to go and are working to deliver an amazing big screen experience.

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