After announcing that The Eternals would be on the slate of future Marvel Studios films, today came the announcement that Marvel Studios has found a director for the film.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chloe Zhao has been hired by Marvel Studios to direct The Eternals from a script by Matthew and Ryan Firpo. Zhao has been on the studios’ radar for some time and was on the short list to helm the upcoming Black Widow movie.


Based on the work of Jack Kirby, the story will reportedly focus on the super powered, near-immortal Eternals and their monstrous off-shoot The Deviants which were created by the cosmic Celestials. The main focus will be on the character Ikaris, a being fueled by cosmic energy and his love for Sersi, who enjoys living among humans.

Zhao is known for her indie films The Rider and Songs My Brothers Taught Me

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