Marvel Age #1000

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid, Ryan Stegman, Rainbow Rowell, Dan Slott, Armando Iannucci, Steve McNiven, Jason Aaron and J. Michael Straczynski

Art by Alessandro Cappuccio, Ryan Stegamn, Marguerite Sauvage, Michael Allred, Adam Kubert, Steve McNiven, Pepe Larraz and Kaare Andrews

Inks by JP Mayer

Colors by Mattia Iacono, Dave McCaig, Laura Allred, Frank Martin and Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: A series of stories celebrates the world of Marvel Comics.

Machine Learning

Professor Horton brings his android The Human Torch online and he begins to connect with a local radio show about a police hero. A hero he wants to emulate in real life. When he discovers that the show isn’t real, the Torch will get a lesson in being a real hero and what it means to help others.

A fun and entertaining short story that celebrates the birth of discovery and what it means to be a hero. The art is fantastic and complements the tone of the story brilliantly.

Sunday Dinner

Peter Parker is doing his best to be on time to Sunday dinner with his aunt and friends, but a fight with the Lizard threatens to derail those plans.

A fun and light story that has some great personal stakes for the character. Stegman delivers a great story with great art as well.

People Wonder Why

Being the only girl on a team full of boys can be difficult for Jean Grey as she works to not only control her powers, but to be considered a valued member of the X-Men. At the same time, Jean and Scott grow closer and she challenges him as team leader to see her as someone as tough as the rest of them.

A beautifully illustrated story that has a fantastic tone and dialogue. Rowell crafts something emotionally resonant and immersive for the reader.

Earth’s Greatest Weapon

Mar-Vell continues his secret mission on Earth and reports to the Supreme Intelligence about a new rocket the humans are sending into space. A rocket the Kree want destroyed before it can deploy a weapon that threatens their planet. Mar-Vell must balance being seen as a hero with his covert mission, but the payload might be something he never suspected.

An entertaining short story that captures the duality of the character while giving the reader and interesting twist ending.


Daredevil is fighting a group of thugs when something begins to happen to his hearing. Something that almost incapacitates him during the fight. As the situation gets worse, he visits a doctor who Matt suspects might be behind his new condition.

An entertaining and engaging mystery with some great moments for the character and an interesting reveal.

Deaf Heaven

The Silver Surfer walks among the ruins of war and finds himself tempted by Mephisto to abandon his hope in humanity and embrace oblivion. As the darkness generated by Mephisto encases him, Norrin will have to make a decision about his future as a hero.

A compelling and entertaining story that gives a compelling look at the entity known as the Silver Surfer. The art is fantastic and visually immersive.

The Girl Who Hates Superheroes

A young woman in the city has no time for superheroes. After suffering her own personal tragedies, she cannot stand to witness the exploits of costumed heroes who seem to save the day all the time. When she finds herself confronted by Thor aka Jane Foster, she witnesses the humanity behind the heroes.

A compelling and entertaining short that delivers great emotion and complexity. Larraz delivers some beautiful art as well.

Observations from the Backyard

Three friends sit in the backyard and talk about their day. In the midst of their conversation, one of them notices the fight through the fence and the others watch as well before trying to put down what they see on paper.

A fun little story that showcases some of the great creators of the Marvel universe.

Marvel Age #1000



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