Marvel Action Origins #1

IDW Comics

Written By Christopher Eliopoulos

Art by Lanna Souvanny

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: After a young Peter Parker accidentally gains superpowers, he must decide whether to use his new found abilities for the benefit of either himself or the world. An outcast Thanos defeats multiple worlds to seek revenge on those who mistreated him, finally facing off against the Avengers.

Peter Parker is continually bullied by his classmate Flash. After a an accident on a field trip, Peter is suddenly physically stronger and has a high level of awareness. He decides to use these new found abilities for personal gain. And then a tragedy strikes altering his point of view forever.

Thanos rebels against his race on Titan and goes on to become a conqueror. In his quest for power he finds several powerful weapons, including the Infinity Stones, to assist him. Thanos must then fight the Avengers in an effort to complete his ultimate goal.

The Story: This is a pretty simple and straight forward telling of the Spiderman origin story. I feel like this is a good introduction to young readers whose first encounter with Spiderman may not have included his previous history.

The Mad Titan: Christopher Eliopolous crafts a brief overview of Thanos’s quest to destroy the universe. And while the story is quickly told, a lot of content is given. This includes Thanos’s planetary background and dark motivations. For those new to Marvel Comics, It is a good companion piece to any Thanos related plot.

The Art: I like the vibrant colors and the focus on character expression. Lanna Souvanny’s art style makes the story feel young and modern. I think it is a perfect choice for a youthful audience.

The dark muted colors chosen for the narrative of Thanos gives the story a feeling of danger and disaster. However, there is a nice contrast between the colors used for Thanos and the bright colors associated with the Avengers. It gives a nice push/pull between hope and despair.

Marvel Action Origins #1



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