Marvel Action Black Panther #4

IDW Publishing

Written by Vita Ayala

Art by Arianna Florean

Colors by Mattia Iacono

Letters by Tom B Long

The Rundown: On the Wakanda Exchange Day, T’Challa will learn that not everything in Wakanda is as perfect as he has been led to believe.


On Exchange Day, T’Challa will change places with a Vibranium refinery worker in order to experience life among the people he leads. Putting on a disguise and taking a new name, the king of Wakanda goes to work among the people. What he finds are the same issues that affect most people in power, a supervisor who exploits his position and steals from the mine in order to enrich himself and those loyal to him. T’Challa will have to find a way to stop the man’s theft while keeping his secret identity.

At the same time, a young worker finds herself among the trappings of power in the royal palace. Forging a friendship with Suri, the young woman shows the princess what her aspirations were before the reality of life sent her to work rather than follow her dreams. Getting to know each other, Suri presents the woman to her mother with proposals about how life can be improved for the people of Wakanda.

The Story: Vita Ayala crafts an entertaining story that is accessible to a wide audience. Both fans of the character and new readers will find something to connect to in this story and there are some great themes in the plot that teach lessons to younger readers. There are a lot of fun and interesting things to experience in this issue and I really enjoyed it.

The Art: Florean’s style for the art in this issue is perfect for the tone and the style of story that is being told.

marvel action black panther #4




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