Martian Manhunter #10

DC Comics

Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Riley Rossmo

Colors by Ivan Plascencia

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: In order to rescue the kidnapped Ashley, J’onn and Diane will have to purge the Martian Manhunters mind of his darkest secrets.


J’onn takes his partner into the dark parts of his mind that he not only hides from the world, but hid from his family as well.

There, the partners will have to face the deadly and dangerous forces inhabiting his mind including his anger, his guilt and his shame. Diane will show the reluctant hero that he can transcend and fight through his pain in order to overcome it. But will it be enough?

The Story: Issue 10 finally deep dives into J’onn’s psyche and allows the character to purge some of the annoying angst that has made him a little annoying to deal with in this series. Steve Orlando gives both J’onn and Diane some great character moments and interactions in this issue and it solidifies to the reader why these two work well together in this series. Confronting the sins of his past allows Martian Manhunter to finally move forward as a character and gets the focus of the story shifted back to the kidnapping investigation. I enjoyed the way this issue rolled out and am interested to see what the repercussions of this journey are for both characters.

The Art: Riley Rossmo delivers some breathtakingly intricate and interesting visuals in this issue. The journey through J’onn’s mind is filled with details that require you to pour over each panel over and over so you don’t miss anything.

Martian Manhunter #10




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