STL127938Manor Black #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Art by Tyler Crook

The Rundown: Ari finds herself in the middle of family drama threatening to boil over as magical forces in the nearby town threaten everyone.

Ari recounts the moment she ran into Roman and the dark entity that stalked her and killed her friends. As the family squabbles over what to do with her, Roman gets a call from his daughter and rushes with Ari to the scene of a paranormal disturbance.

manor black 2

At the same time, the local sheriff is investigating the death of his predasecor and how it relates to the van full of dead bodies they discovered the night before. When he reaches out to another precinct for help, he discovers that the new girl in town has secrets that need to be discovered.

The Story: The second part of this story is serviceable to the overall plot, but it has problems getting off the ground in my opinion. The characters are still fascinating in and of themselves, but the plot drags a little when it diverges from the family drama at the manor to the sheriff’s story in the town. Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt continue to deliver some interesting and engaging moments that make me want to read more about this world, but this issue seemed unfocused.

The Art: Tyler Crook delivers some awesome visuals in this issue. From the characters to the action, Crook captures some visceral moments in the art work.


Manor Black #2




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