Magic #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Jed Mackay

Art by Ig Guara

Colors by Arianna Consonni

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: The heroes search the realms for a fellow planeswalker that could hold the answers they seek.

The Planeswalkers hunt for clues to the rising cult in Ravnica. After presenting their evidence, they decide to strike out on their own after being rejected by the council. Splitting up, they each go to a different world to find answers after consulting with someone close to the history of the world.

Their adventures will bring them face to face with cunning werewolves, an army of the dead and pirate hunting dinosaurs as they search the other planes for another that might hold the secret to the evil god the cult is trying to summon. As they come together to compare notes, their quarry arrives, but when they disclose their mission, the fellow planeswalker is visibly shaken by the news.

The Story: Mackay crafts a good story with some great character moments throughout. The way the narrative is laid out is clever and entertaining. The story takes the time to flesh out the characters a little more and their interactions continue to be engaging. While the investigation continues to be interesting, the arc of the story is starting to slow down a little too much and I feel like there is starting to be more build up than pay off.

The Art: Ig Guara delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. I love the art style and the action immensely. The issue is visually stunning on many levels.

Magic #5



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