Despite all the hate and vitriol that has been solely levied at her alone, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy continues to retain the loyalty of the company she leads with a new contract extension.

According to The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets, Kennedy’s contract has been extended through 2021, allowing her to continue the stewardship and planning of the Star Wars universe for the next few years.


The move is seen as a vote of confidence in her ability to run the company that was purchased from founder George Lucas for $4 Billion dollars back in 2012. Disney has recouped that amount with the last four Star Wars movies, which has collectively brought in over $4.5 billion at the box office. Kennedy has taken a lion’s share of the heat from vocal critics of the direction of the franchise and Solo: A Star Wars Story’s less than stellar box office along with the harsh criticism of Star Wars: The Last Jedi led a vocal minority to call for her ouster.

Even with Disney CEO Bob Iger telling THR that “You can expect some slowdown” in relation to the release schedule of Star Wars films, he assured fans that more films will be made and they will have Kathleen Kennedy attached.

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