Lovecraft Country


Season 1 Episode 7

I Am

Hippolyta travels to Ardham to get answers and discovers a clue within the rubble of the lodge. Her obsession with both the circumstances surrounding George’s death and opening Hiram’s Orrery will consume her. At the same time, Ruby confronts Christina after learning the truth about William. She wants to know everything, but that knowledge will come at a price. Atticus continues to work through his demons while Leti starts to connect with some of the darkness of Tic’s past.

More truths come to light when the duo goes to visit Montrose and learn more than they bargained for. The reveal sends Tic spinning emotionally as he tries to reconcile what he knows with the violence of his upbringing. This is a powerfully emotional moment and Majors plays it perfectly. Jurnee Smollett is excellent in the scene as well as she tries to comfort the man while still being afraid of his rage.

Hippolyta unlocks one of the secrets of the orrery and proceeds to travel alone to learn more. Tic decides to visit a friend of his late mother in order to get a clue about the location of the Book of Names. At the same time, Leti tries to reconcile with Ruby and makes a discovery of her own.

The main crux of the episode is Hippolyta’s journey. The character is brilliant and it is her brilliance that is necessary to unlock one of the stories mysteries. The irony isn’t lost on me as a viewer that the character everyone lies to in order to protect is the one they need in order to unlock the truth. Aunjanue Ellis is fantastic in every scene she’s in. Using her mind to solve problems. Using her strength to persevere. Ellis hits the right notes of both fear and determination in her performance. Her line about being “lynched without noticing the noose” is brilliant on every level.

There are some beautiful and poignant moments throughout the episode and Ellis delivers a powerhouse performance. This episode takes some bold and unexpected chances and I can’t wait to see how those risks play out going forward.

Lovecraft Country S01XE07



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