Lost in Space


Season 1 Episode 4

“The Robinsons Were Here”

John Robinson, Will and the Robot are helping to set up an electric perimeter as the rest of the family starts the expansion protocol which will give them some more room on the ship. They find other survivors and Judy goes to treat Angela, the woman Smith left behind with Don West. Angela tells Judy about the attack on the Resolute. She returns to the Jupiter 2 and confronts Will about the robot as he attempts to hide his new friend in a nearby cave system. Smith is following them the whole time. At the same time, Maureen and John deal with their marital problems when the Resolute’s communication array traps them and Don’s secrets are exposed to Maureen and John.


This episode doesn’t really add much to the overall story, but it does give some good family moments between the Robinson children. Penny is given a bigger arc in this episode and more to do, which allows her character and her interactions with the family to expand. I like the young actors in this series and this episode lets them be natural in their interactions.

I’m glad that the parents got time to hash out their crap, but it seemed a little too much hype for what was essentially a career decision. I was hoping that there would be more to the story, but it seemed to fizzle out. Parker Posey’s Doctor Smith is getting more sinister as the episodes go on. The episode is fine, but there was more that could have been done with the other storylines.

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