Lois Lane #7

DC Comics

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Mike Perkins

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Rundown: Renee Montoya present evidence that could blow Lois’ story wide open, but the reporter still has a bullseye on her back.


Lois is dealing with a lot publicly and professionally, not the least of which is her supposed affair with Superman. When Question intervenes with a paparazzo looking to get pictures of Lois and Superman together, she finds that her employer is hiding more than she thought.

At the same time, Montoya’s investigation leads to solid evidence regarding who is behind the hit on her. Evidence that she obtained during a confession and that evidence makes everything more complicated. Especially when a new player makes her move to stop the reporter once and for all.

The Story: I continue to be impressed with this story and each issue has improved on the previous by adding story elements that get my attention and hold it as the mystery Lois is investigating unfolds. Unfortunately, this issue focused a little too much on Lois’ personal life to the detriment of the bigger arc. The Superman/Lois scene was fine, but lasted too long. More time should have been focused on Lois’ investigation and what about it has so many people scared enough to try to kill her. I wanted more from this story based on what came before and was a little disappointed that Lois’ personal life took the bulk of the issue.

The Art: Mike Perkins tone and style continue to be perfectly matched for the gritty detective story Rucka is telling with this series. The last few pages are fantastic and filled with the tension I was hoping to experience throughout the entire issue.

Lois Lane #7




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