Locke & Key Hell & Gone #2

DC Comics/ IDW Publishing

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Gabriel Rodriguez

Colors by Jay Fotos

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Mary is determined to travel to hell to free her brother, but what she needs to get there will call on her unique family talents.

With Lucien tucked away, the Corinthian impersonates the librarian in order to lull Mary into the castle of Morpheus. When Fiddler’s Green discovers something is afoot, he enters the castle himself. the Corinthian will discover that Mary is not as naïve as he imagined when she gets the upper hand. Mary finds herself finding an unlikely protector and uses the power she stole to banish him from the Dreaming. In the aftermath, Lucien tries to help her find a way to go to hell in order to rescue her brother from Lucifer.

When Mary returns from the Dreaming, she is not alone. She and her new companion return to Key House is order to arm themselves for the next part of Mary’s plan. A plan that includes crafting a special key and calling upon an escort to hell itself. An escort in the form of the demon Etrigan. After commanding the demon to escort her, she and her companions find themselves at the gates of Hell themselves and preparing to meet with its current ruler.

The Story: Hill does a brilliant job of tying into the Sandman universe and using its denizens in ways that enhance both stories. The story is beautifully crafted, daring and filled with great moments. As a Sandman fan, I love all of the references and connections to Neil Gaiman’s world while also marveling at another great story from the Locke & Key universe. A truly impressive collaboration that has a brilliant and beautiful ending.

The Art: Rodriguez delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. From the personal moments between characters to the blistering action, the issue is a visual gift.

Locke & Key Hell & Gone #2



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