Local Man #6

Image Comics

Written by Tim Seeley and Tony Fleecs

Art by Tony Fleecs

Colors by Brad Simpson

The Rundown: Jack’s quiet continues to be complicated and an attack spooks Inga.

Farmington is still not a fan of its local former superhero and Jack discovers that quickly when he pays a visit to Inga’s diner. When a gunman arrives spouting conspiracy theories, both Jack and Inga get nervous for different reasons.

In the aftermath, Jack is brought in by the sheriff to help investigate a murder at the local park and Inga receives a disturbing phone call from the people funding her darker activities.

The Story: Seeley and Fleecs begin a new arc for Jack filled with more secrets and reveals in and around his small-town home. The story has a fantastic build up of tension and suspense and you get a greater sense of not only the forces growing behind the scenes but the toll secrets are having on Inga. I enjoyed this story a lot and how it builds on and expands the world of these characters.

The Art: Fleecs delivers some great imagery throughout the issue. The action is thrilling and the character designs are perfect for the tone of the story.

Local Man #6



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