Local Man #5

Image Comics

Written by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Art by Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley

Colors by Brad Simpson and Felipe Sobreiro

The Rundown: Jack discovers who has been killing the people around and why while another mystery grows.

Jack finds a way to escape his cell and discovers some nostalgic moments before being attacked by someone with the same powers as one of his former trainees. After discovering who has attacked him and why, Jack is in the fight of his life before getting some unexpected help that seems to be keeping secrets of her own.

In the past, the training of 4th Gen continues, but the Camo Crusader has his doubts about the group. When he sees behavior from two of them that go against his morals, he makes a call to an important person to tell them that he is ready for the next part of a dark plan.

The Story: Fleecs and Seeley bring this arc to an engaging, satisfying and surprising end with great action, intrigue and a reveal that I did not see coming. The story is incredibly engaging and has some really prescient points to make throughout. Beyond that, the story has some fun and exciting action and the conflicts Jack has not only with the town, but with his himself and his former team make for some great drama.

The Art: Fleecs and Seeley have wonderfully complementary art styles and both parts of the story look fantastic with both the gritty reality of the present story and the 90’s style of the past story working perfectly together visually.

Local Man #5



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